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Coro and Coro Craft Jewelry by
Adolph Katz and Gene Verri

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c. 1940s. Adolph Katz design. Gold over Sterling. Large Rose colored rhinestones with smaill Rose colored rhinestones on the edge of his Shirt. Clear pave' rhinestones accents on his Calves and Hat.  

Marked Coro Craft Sterling with the Pegasus. Des. Pat. 148169, issued to Adolph Katz Dec. 23, 1947.
Measures 2" x 1-7/8".
Very Good Condition with slight discoloration on his left thigh and small gold loss on the pole near the hand. 

#2536, $200.00

Patent 1947


CHARMING SALAMANDER BROOCH, c.1940s. Adolph Katz design. Large oval Aqua colored rhinestones with Clear pave' rhinestones on his head and tale. 

Marked Coro Craft Sterling with the Pegasus.
Measures 2-3/4".
Good Condition with patina to the gold and some gold loss to some high points. 

#2534, $200.00

GOLD OVER STERLING BROOCH, Mid 1940s. Garland Fawn. Gold over Sterling, Green enamel, Red, Blue, and Amethyst rhinestones with Black enameled Hooves. Did Adolph Katz design this lovely for Christmas? Not sure.

Marked Coro Craft Sterling
Measures 2-3/4" x 2-1/4".
Very Good Condition.

#2379, $150.00 

DETAILED FLOWER GIRL BROOCH, 1948, Adolph Katz design. Very Sculptural and detailed with Pink, blue, and clear rhinestones on heavy Gold Plated white metal.

Marked Coro Craft and the Pegasus.
Measures 2-1/2".
Very Good Condition.

#2462, $345.00

Patent 1948

CORO STERLING, FISH JELLY BELLY FUR CLIP DUETTE, c. 1944, Designed by Adalf Katz. Double your pleasure wearing this lovely pair of fish. Sapphire colored rhinestone eyes, red rhinestone cheeks, with a clear lucite body; dotted with clear embedded rhinestones. The fins have linear tracings of clear rhinestone, all set in a gold wash over sterling setting. 

Marked Coro Duette, Sterling
Measures 2-1/2" x 1-3/4"
Extremely Rare in this Excellent Condition

#2739, $350.00 

Patent 1944

CORO DUETTE LOVE BIRDS IN A TREE FUR CLIPS DUETTE, c.1930s.  Lovely hand painted enamel birds facing each other on a branch. The enamel colors are Pale Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow Green, White, Black, and Dark Orange with clear pave' rhinestones accents.

Marked Coro on the backs of the birds.
Measures 2-1/2" x 1-3/4".
Good Original Condition with some small enamel loss on the wing tips.

#2892, $245.00 

Birds Mechanism

SPINNING WINDMILL FUR CLIP. Clear baguette rhinestones, clear, sapphire, and red round rhinestones in a gold over sterling setting. The windmill spins as if it were in a gentle Holland breeze. 

Marked Coro Craft Sterling, with the Pegasus
Measures 2" x 1-1/2"
Excellent Condition with only slight gold wear to the fur clip mechanism.

#2742, $245.00 

Patent 1946

TWO DUTCH PEOPLE FUR CLIPS,  c. 1940, Adolph Katz. Charming little Couple in Blue, Red, Yellow, and Flesh tone enamels, with pave' accents on silver tone metal. Featured in "American costume jewelry", pg. 56, by Carla and Roberto Brunialti.

Marked Coro on the inside seam of the boy's trousers only.
Measures 1-3/4" each.
Very Good Condition, with one tiny nick on the neck of the girl.

#2371, $350.00

CHARLIE McCARTHY FUR CLIP, c. 1937. A bit of History to wear. Marvelous enamel Fur Clip depicting the famous TV, Film, and Movie ventriloquist Act of Edgar Bergen and his puppet Charlie McCarthy. The little tab on the bottom moves the mouth. I dare not do it.

Commissioned by Coro (Cohn & Rosenberger).
In a press clipping,  from WWD, Oct. 29, 1937, "My Diminutive Little Chum"  Enters Jewelry". Stamped on the back, "Mf' d under exclusive license from Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Inc. 

The full story can be seen in the book "A Tribute to American", costume Jewelry 1935-1950,  by Carla Ginelli Brunialti and Roberto Brunialti, pg. 66. 

Measures 1-3/8"
Good Condition.  Tiny Bits of wear to the enamel.

#2655, $250.00 

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