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STERLING PENDANT,  Designed with Faceted Square Rock Crystals with a long Sterling Fringe.

Marked D-A, 925S and the Scales.
Pendant Measures 3-1/2" x 1". Chain 26".
Excellent Condition.

LILYAN BACHRACH ENAMELED PIN,  Modernist Design; Protons and Electrons in Orbital Motion in a Circle Design of Red and Green Enamel on Sterling. Bachrach's work ranges from the 1950s and is displayed in Museums throughout U.S. 

Signature 'Bachrach' is signed into the enamel on the back.
Measures 1-1/4".
Very Good Condition.

This Pin is featured in an Article by Susan Crosby, 'Enamored of Enamels', in Modern Silver Magazine.

There is a lovely article on Lilyan Bachrach in the same magazine by Marbeth Schon the owner.

OYSTEIN BALLE ENAMELED PIN,  Wonderful Disc Shaped Pin  in Modernist Abstract Design. Blue and Black Enamel over Gold washed Sterling.

Signed Balle, Sterling, Norway. Balle is a Modernist Norwegian designer,  c. 1950s-1960.
Measures 1-3/4".
Very Good Condition.


FRANCES HOLMES BOOTHBY BROOCH,  Lively and Charming Little bird. Known for both gold and silver jewelry with semi-precious stones. She also favored the whimsical little bird design. The body of the bird, both front and back, are textured to a soft mat finish.

Her chosen career was teaching, which included both public and prestigious Art Schools. She was included in the Walker Exhibition of 1955.

Marked Sterling fhb.
Measures 2-1/4" x 2".
Excellent Condition.


BROOCH, A fine example of Chayat's fluidity of form; the varying thicknesses add to his expressions of delicate strength.

He exhibited with the artist in the Walker Exhibition of 1955, and had numerous one man exhibitions in New York and the East Coast.

Marked Chayat (arched) Sterling
Measures 3-1/4" x 3/4".
Excellent Condition with a rich patina.


BROOCH, Extra Large.  A Lacy Leaf design executed with delicate precision. Elegance in lines and form are the hallmark of Christoffersen's designs.

Eric was born in 1926 in Denmark. His training included goldsmith work for the Jewelry firm, A. Michelson and he graduated from The Academy of Arts and Crafts in Denmark where he became fluent in Goldsmith and Sliversmith techniques. He relocated located to the United States in 1949,  and by the mid 1950s, was associated with the International Sterling  Craft Society and The International Silver Company. Later in his career, he was associated the Artistic Wire Production Company and a Scandinavian Art Gallery in the Virgin Islands. Eventually he returned to his native County.

Marked I joined KC and S
Measures a very large 4-1/4" x 2".
Excellent Condition.


BETTY COOKE BRASS BROOCH,  Modernist design with clever asymmetrical simplification and use of weighted solids with contrasting lines and spaces.

Marked COOKE.
Measures 1-3/4".
Very Good Condition, with a nice mellowing patina.

BETTY COOKE SILVER and ENAMEL BROOCH,  A Whimsical Abstract Modernist Bird design with Red, Black, and White Enamel.  The top of the brooch is sterling with a cut out form of the bird. The bottom is Copper and enamel which is laminated to the top. There is a nice weight to this piece.

Another example of Betty Cooke's enamel birds can be seen in Christie Romero's book, Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Edition, page 169.

Marked COOKE.
Measures 1-3/4".
Very Good Condition.

BETTY COOKE SILVER BROOCH,  Modernist Bird design with clever simplification and use of textured finish with striations and matte highlights.

Measures 2-1/2" x 3/4".
Excellent Condition.

BETTY COOKE SILVER STICK PIN, Charming hand made owl with huge eyes accented with Niello.

Soft aged Patina. Very Good Condition. 
Measures 2-1/4" x 7/8".


SILVER and ENAMEL PENDANT, c. mid 1920s. Rare. Little is know about this designer, except that its location was along the rue de la Paix in Paris, the famous avenue of Jewelers. The jewelry was made in both Gold and Silver. The Silver work references Art Deco styles with Geometric designs, stylized Flowers, and wonderful color combinations in well crafted Enameling. When an example does appear at auction, it commands high prices. Marked with the conjoined backwards E and D.

Etienne David's work is referenced in Cera's 'Amazing Gems', and Moro's 'European Designer Jewelry'.

Measures 3" x 1".
Very Good Condition.


K. DENNING MODERNIST BRACELET, in White Enameled Rectangle Shaped Plaques. Each link has a Large Clear Glass Rectangle shaped Center. Excellent Craftsmanship.

Measures 7" x 5/8".


TERLING RING. Lovely Rhythm and Balance to this Modernist Design.

Signed 'ND AGE + Sterling 925s Norway'.
Measures 7/16"; Approximate Size 4-1/2, but may be adjusted up without losing integrity of design.


STERLING MODERNIST BROOCH, Very Represtentative of Elvestad's Raw Forged Style. He worked for David Andersen in the 1950s and J. Tostrup starting in the early 1960s.
'Signed Sterling, J Tostrup, Norway GE'.
Measures 2-1/4" x 1-1/8".


BROOCH, c. 1952 "Grass" design with flow and movement.

Featured on page 250 of 'European Designer Jewelry' by Ginger Moro.

Marked with G engle in script, Sterling Denmark, and Anton Michelsen mark.
Measures 2-3/8" x 2". 
Excellent Condition.


BROOCH, c. 1950s, Great depth in this design of ribbed leaves, smooth leaves, stems, and the subtle accent of a mulberry flower.

Marked with G engle in script, Sterling Denmark, and Anton Michelsen mark.
Measures 2-3/4" x 1-5/8". 
Excellent Condition.


BROOCH and EARRINGS. Classic Elsa Freund design of fired clay and black fused glass.  With the stone being encased in a Calder-esque manner. Beautiful depth and intriguing movement make this early work dynamic jewelry and absorbing wearable art. The back clay is encased in aluminum, which was one of her early techniques.

Signed "Elsa" in script. Brooch measures 2" x 2", earrings 1" x 1".
Very Good Condition.
Note: There are minute fractures in the glass, which is a normal part of her fusing process; she often emphasized these fractures as part of her design.


STERLING RING, Semi-precious Blue Stone, A Large Pale Blue Gemstone dominates this Modern Design Sterling Ring.

Julian Goodenow is referenced by Armand Winfield as one of the Late 1940s-Early 1950s Greenwich Village artisans, along with Sam Kramer, Ed Wiener, Art Smith, in Marbeth Schon's Modernist Jewelry 1930-1960.

Signed 'J. Goodenow' in Gothic font .
Stone measures approx. a large 1/2" x 3/8".
Size approx. 5-3/4
Very Good Condition, with some tiny roughness on two diagonal facet edges, visible with 10x loupe.


FINLAND STERLING PENDANT, Wonderful Reindeer Moss Cast in Sterling with Aged Hand Wrought Qualities. One of a kind piece by Finish Artist Hannu Ikonen. Produced by Valo-Koru in Finland, c. 1974.
Marks with the Turku stamp, 925, V7, Made in Finland.
Measures 2-1/2" x 1-1/2".



Design #123,  Marked "GJ" in dotted circle in a dotted circle, 830, Denmark.
Measures 1-7/8".


STERLING SILVER and ENAMEL BROOCH, One of Henning Koppel's most Enduring designs using shades of Blue Enamel  in Sweeping Free-forms for Dramatic Sculptural effect.

Marked with the Georg Jensen Oval, HK, Sterling, Denmark, Design #306.
Measures 2" x 1-7/8".
Very Good Condition with very slight surface scratches.

STERLING SILVER PIN, Semi-Circular Modernest Design in Sterling with a  Pale Blue Round Bezel Set Quartz Stone in the Center.

Marked HK-Heart-916H-H7-KK. 1961. See John Haycrofts Book, "Finnish Jewelry & Silverware." 
Measures  1-3/4" x 1-5/8".
Very Good Condition.


STERLING BRACELET, From his Bennington, Vermont period, 1964-1970s. Beautiful Handout and stippled with a natural patina. This bracelet reflects his design concerns during this period; an intimate relationship with the entire handwork process, from hand tooling to design.

Marked Levin Ster. Benn. Vt.
Cuff interior measures approx. 6-1/2" with the front measuring 1-1/8".
Very Good Condition.


STERLING BROOCH,  All hand made construction with layers of detailed components in varied sizes with some hand texturing to the base layer.

Marked Levin, Sterling.
Measures 3-1/4".
Very Good Condition.

STERLING and NIELLO BROOCH. This delightful design has a niello surface. The petroglyph figures are hand engraved, into the niello, exposing the silver beneath. These engraved pieces have individual variations in the figuration, making each brooch a one-of-a-kind.

See SILVER JEWELRY DESIGNS, by Nancy Schiffer, pg. 273, for the same brooch with variations in figures from the Auerbach & Maffia Collection.

Marked Levin Sterling.
Measures 3-1/4".
Very Good Condition.

STERLING CUFF BRACELET. The flowing curves in the width of the cuff are echoed in the thin wire that flows through the center of the bracelet. Contrasting the soft flowing lines of the design are rough striations on the surface, making a very subtle visual effect.

Featured on pg. 239 in the book, "MODERNIST JEWELRY 1930-1960, The Wearable Art Movement", by Marbeth Schon.
Marked Sterling, Hand Made, Lewittes.
Measures approx. 7" x 1-1/8".
Very Good Condition.


ESTHER LEWITTES EARRING IN STERLING. Delightful use of line and form. Very three dimensional. Studied at the Art Students League. Sold her jewelry at Georg Jensen, American House, and Nannie's in San Francisco. Had her own shop on La Cienega Blvd. and Mel Rose Place in LA.

Marked Lewittes, Hand Made, Sterling
Measures 1-/3/4" x 1"
Very Good Condition  with a yellowish overall patina.


STERLING SILVER EARRINGS, Saw-tooth design is Shadow-boxed into the back of the frame, adding nice depth. Intriguing use of contrasting textures, tones, and shapes.

The artist is featured on pg. 239 in the book, MODERNIST JEWELRY 1930-1960, The Wearable Art Movement, by Marbeth Schon.
Studied at the Art Students League. Sold her jewelry at Georg Jensen, American House, and Nannie's in San Francisco. Had her own shop on La Cienega Blvd. and Mel Rose Place in LA.

Marked Lewittes Hand Made Sterling.
Post Earrings measure 2" x 7/8"
Very Good Condition.

STERLING PENDANT, c.1950,  An interesting  play of line, curved line, circular and rectangular forms.

Pictured on page 193 of Christie Romero's 'Warman's Jewelry, 1st Ed.

Signed Lobel Sterling.
Measures approx. 3" x 1-1/4".
 Very Good Condition.


STERLING SILVER PENDANT, Raised Modernist Gesture on an oxided triangular base.

Lobel was one of the early Greenwich Village Modernist Artists who opened his shop during WWII

Marked Lobel Sterling.
Measure 1-1/8" x 1-3/8"; comes with an old-style 16" chain.
Very Good Condition.


ENAMEL ON COPPER, c. 1950s. Lovely transitional Greens in a liquid flowing design in enamel layered on copper. This style of earring, by Peter Macchiarini, was represented in the new opening of Macchiarini Creative Arts and Metal Work Gallery, in the collection on 1950s designs and memorabilia. An article and a report can be seen clicking on the urls below. 

Measures 2-1/2" x 1/2"
Marked Macchiarini
Very good condition.

by Marbeth Schon

by Glenn Pamfiloff

Photo from the Macchiarini Opening, showing this earring style to the right of the 1940s marker.

VINTAGE HANDARBEIT SILVER BRACELET, c. 1933. Hand hammered puffy cuff with linear segments. The patina has a wonderful sense of history. The high center areas are  shiner with an almost deliberate gradation to darkness.

Perli-Werkstatt is a German Company from Swabisch Gmund, founded in 1922, known for its metalwork unadorned, or its enamel cloisonné. A hand hammered Silver line was created in 1933.  Their work was exhibited in 1937 in the Paris Expo.

Signed Perli 855 Handarbeit.
Measures 7" x 5/8".
Very Good Condition.

VINTAGE 800 SILVER BRACELET, c.1920s,  Nuggets of Silver gives this Vintage bracelet a  moderist expressionist look although dating to much earlier date of 1920s.

Perli-Werdstatt is a German Company from Swabisch Gmund, founded in 1922, known for its metalwork unadorned, or its enamel cloisonné.  Their work was exhibited in 1937 in the Paris Expo.

Signed Perli 800.
Measures 7" x 5/8".
Very Good Condition.

REBAJES STERLING SILVER BRACELET, An intriguing Design. Layered Square Plaques with Graduated Neillo Shading on each square. Each square plaque is decorated with a Sterling Bezel Set Dome.

Measures 7-5/8" x 7/8".


STERLING SILVER and SPANISH PYRITE BRACELET and RING in the ORIGINAL BOX, c 1960s. After a successful store on Fifth Avenue, New York, Frank Rebajes decided to live in Spain, seeking a simpler life. He discovered a small beach town, Torremolinos in San Miguel, where he set up shop and was quickly discovered by the Jet Set. The works he produced in Spain were one-of-a-kind.

Spanish Pyrite, a crystal, is rare and he made very few pieces incorporating this stone.  

Marked Original, Hand Wrought, Rebajes  Design.
The Cuff is for a small to medium wrist with an adjustable ring. Height of the stone in the bracelet is 1-1/2" tall. The width of the bracelet in the front is 1-1/2".
Very Good Condition.

For an intimate story of Frank Rebajes life, written by, Patricia Riveron Lee, Artist and daughter of Enrique Riveron, Artist and close family friend of Frank Rebajes, see  Modern Silver Magazine, Uncle Frank. An example of a Spanish pyrite ring is shown in the article. A gift to Patricia's mother.

"Uncle Frank," the story of Frank Rebajes

Box Top

BROOCH, Hand made Leaf with Waving edges. One side is  niello and the other side is silver. Participated in the Walker Exhibition of 1955 and many other exhibitions, and owned her own Studio for many years. Professor and Art Director in several institutions. Many notables studied with her such as, Irena Brynner. For additional information, see Marbeth Schon's book, Modernist Jewelry, 1930-1960.

Measures a very large 3".
Good Condition with a small scuff within the niello side.



STERLING SILVER and CULTURED PEARL PENDANT, A delicate placement of a pearl captured as if in mid air.

Marked Steig Sterling.
Measures  1-1/2" x 1/2", chain 18".
Very Good Condition.


BJORN WECKSTROM STERLING RING, Man from Mercury, From his Early Modernist Collection. Dated 1969, in Wrinkled Silver.

Signed "Q7, W, 925H Sterling, Helsinki Boat Emblem, Finland"
Size 6.




BRASS PENDANT, from his Primative Era,
c. 1950s. Large circle with an whimsical  creature in sterling and oxidized accents.

See similar work in Christie Romero's Warman's Jewelry, 1st ed., pg. 197.

Marked ED WIENER, in block letters.
Measures 2"
Very Good Condition, with some spot tarnish.


STERLING BROOCH/PENDANT c.1958, Linear three dimensional design with layers and recesses. The small round cup at the top is oxidized to create depth and contrast to the open spaces. The brooch is from his earlier design years.

See a variation of this design in necklace #82, "Jewelry by Ed Wiener, " written by Ed Wiener, pg. 68, photo 82.

Measures 2-1/8" x 1-1/8".
Very Good Condition.

Photo from the book with similar central motif from 1948.

STERLING PENDANT, c 1949,  This pendant is representational of his early work. A  wonderful balance with simplified form  and line.

In Messengers of Modernism, by Toni Greenbaum, pg. 143, a pair of earrings with similar a theme are displayed.

Marked Ed Weiner Sterling.
Measures 1-1/2".
Very Good Condition.


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